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Building Life Safety Plans

According to the WBDG committee, there are four basic principles of all-hazard building design: 1) plan for fire protection; 2) ensure occupant safety and health; 3) resist natural hazards; and 4) provide security for building occupants and assets.

Building projects must place a balanced priority on the protection of building occupants and assets as well as the preservation of cultural resources. So, it is important to address the protection of the building’s historic spaces, finishes, and collections in the design and implementation of safety and security measures.
Because each historic building is unique, cost effective, synergistic, performance solutions developed in a collaborative environment will produce the best results.

Fire and life safety depends to a large extent on procedures for evacuation and adequate means of egress. State and local fire codes, along with OSHA standards for workplace safety and health, generally refer to NFPA standards.


A Life Safety Plan is required for review by the Fire Prevention Bureau for any new structure(s) or building(s) and modifications, alterations or changes to existing structures or buildings.